How we were created

Fingerprint Tours was born out of the experience of owner, and your personal tour guide, Corinne. Having been fortunate enough to travel to many different countries and cities, Corinne has been on countless tours. From private, fully customised multi-day trips to half-day, large group excursions. In meeting plenty of tourists and being one herself, it is clear that not all people have the same wants and needs. What might interest one person, will not interest another. One thing is consistent across all people, however, and that is the importance of spending time wisely.

What we offer

Fingerprint Tours offers you the chance to customise your day in advance. By answering a few key questions when submitting your booking form, Corinne will take this information and plan a trip specifically for you or your group. You will then be able to make changes throughout the day of your tour to suit your preferences. This is all made possible because this is a private tour, you will not be sharing a coach with strangers or adhering to the itinerary put together to suit the masses. Whether you want to explore the Blue Mountains, the Hunter Valley, the Southern Highlands, Sydney’s inner suburbs, Sydney’s city landmarks, or the beautiful Northern Beaches, Fingerprint Tours can take you there.

Your tour guide Corinne

Corinne has lived in Sydney her whole life and continues to fall in love with it every day. There is always something new to see, do and discover. It truly is a city that offers everything; a beautiful harbour, myriad of beaches, sprawling bushland and a diversity of food which is second to none. Corinne has a love for the outdoors, wine, food, music and sport, making Sydney the perfect playground for her.

If you are looking for a tour that is designed specifically for you with a local tour guide, book with Fingerprint Tours. Why? Because no two are the same.