Helpful Links

These helpful links will allow you to navigate your way around Sydney and get the most out of your visit. We have covered off the basics including public transport, entertainment, restaurants and bars, outdoor activities as well as local news and weather.

Uber is also available in Sydney and is a great way of travelling short distances if public transport is not suitable. If you are travelling during peak hours or on Saturdays, however, we highly recommend going by train, light rail or ferry over Uber/taxi. Sydney roads become very congested during these times and you may find yourself stuck in traffic.

Public Transport Card

The Opal card can be used to access all public transport in Sydney – train, ferry, metro, bus, light rail. There is a minimum top-up charge of $10. The card can be purchased at many retailers including supermarkets, convenience stores and newsagencies. This is an active map of all retailers selling Opal cards:

For all other information on the opal card including pricing visit

If your credit card has payWave or PayPass technology then you can use it to tap on and off all public transport except for buses.

Public Transport Trip Planner

Once you have purchased an Opal card and you want to get from point A to point B via public transport, use the Transport for NSW Trip Planner tool. This will use all forms of public transport available in Sydney to map your route and will provide you with live data.

Public Transport Mobile Apps

If you would like to check public transport schedules on the go and have a data connection, download the ‘Opal Travel’ app on your smartphone or tablet. The app is free and you can link your opal card to the app and keep track of your opal card balance.


Upcoming Events in Sydney

Now that you are comfortable travelling around Sydney by public transport, why not find out what events are on in and around the CBD during your stay.

Restaurants, Pubs, Bars, etc

Time Out Sydney is a great source to find information and reviews on all things dining and entertainment.

National Parks and Recreational Parks

On a sunny day in Sydney the parks will be full of locals out for a picnic, walking the dog or simply soaking up the sun. Those feeling more active might head to a national park for a hike. Discover the full list with helpful information on how to get there and what facilities are available from the National Parks website.

Weather Forecast

Before you head out you can use the Bureau of Meteorology website to check the weather forecast.

Local News

While you’re in Sydney you may want read some local news and we recommend:

Sydney Morning Herald:
ABC News:

Tourism NSW Website

If you still haven’t found what you need then the NSW tourism website will probably have you covered.